Friday, December 7, 2007

Drilling the hole (well) for geothermal vertical collector

And then we started … I went into action and made a deal with one drilling and mining company from my country to drill holes. It is important to make a real contract for this service and to sign the contract from both parties (you and company). Important things about the contract:

  • article with deadline and penalties for not meeting the deadline must be included

  • article about possible damages made by company and their responsibilities (e.g. in case where the driller damages your house, because he was not careful enough when he was moving the drilling machine – see it on the picture)

  • If you are not sure, see legal advisor

We first planned to drill two holes for 100meters. The first one was O.K. When drilling the second one some problems occurred, the hole (well) was not stable enough and we only reached about 60 meters. According to the calculations 160 was not enough, so we made the third well for another 60 meters. Together we have 220 meters.
Important things:

  • wells or holes should not be to close together, it is recommended to keep 10m distance between two wells

  • It is quite noisy when drilling,… your neighbors will complain if you will not inform them in advance

  • It could be quite messy around drilling machine and underground water could erupt from the hole

  • If you already have a house with nice colored fa├žade and the machine in near the house, be sure to protect the house and window

We were drilling about 14 days.