Saturday, October 17, 2009

What type of heat pump to choose? – PART 1

Winter is knocking on the door and I started my heat pump again. Since last post one idea occurred to me and that is answering quite frequent question: What type of heat pump to chose. I prepared relatively simple decision making model for choosing a heat pump for heating the house during the winter. Everybody knows that we have several types of heat pumps multiplied by number of producers and you can get 1000 of different heat pumps … O.K. it is not so bad :-) … actually we have few types of heat pump to choose between – in general: air to air heat pump, air to water heat pump, ground sourced heat pump (water to water). To be able to choose the right one you must consider: type of heating to be used, current/new building conditions, available heat sources, legislation, building restrictions, climate, heat losses, preparing also hot water, heating regime (low or high temperatures), and financial part.

In general one could say – every heat pump is better than no heat pump. But let us check in details in PART 2 … coming soon.