Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Choosing service & product providers for my heat pump system

With clear vision, goals, implementation plan and installation schema I started searching service and product providers/companies for my heat pump system. I started with my local companies and technical stores to find out what kind of product they are offering, what the quality is and what are the experiences and prices. The most of the time I spend for choosing providers for heat pump device, water pumps and water heater. Other parts are not so complex and it was easier to decide. I spent also a lot of time finding the right service provider for installing the system and for drilling the holes for geothermal collector. Finally I decided for local service companies in Slovenia. At that time (2004/2005) service providers were not so connected and trained to work together as a team … connecting them was also an issue for me. I'm not showing the list of those companies because I will first ask them for being the sponsor of this heat pump blog. I hope I will be successful :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finalizing Heat Pump Implementation schema and installation schema

After all parameters for my home heat pump project were calculated, all kilowatts, meters, centimeters, constants were known, I have prepared final implementation schema (partly shown it the picture) and detailed installation schema for pipes, valves, other pumps, collectors, electrical installation and other stuff. Installation schema was later used by service providers for implementing my project. If you would like to have a copy of detailed installation schema, please send me an e-mail to:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Calculation of energy losses and energy needs for the building

Building insulation is the most important factor when calculating energy loses or on the other hand energy needs for heating. Heating system must be aligned according to building energy loses. Here are my final numbers and calculations:

Building parameters:

  • Building square meters (room surface): 180 square meters to heat
  • Type of heating: ground heating
  • Building walls: 30 cm brick and 10 cm isolation (glass wool)
  • Building roof: wood structure with, 21 cm of isolation (glass wool), standard knauf
  • Building ground floor (to the ground): 5 cm concrete, 8 cm isolation, 5 cm concrete, 40 cm sand layer
  • Windows: thermo glass


  • Windows thermal transmittance: U=1,1W/m2K
  • Glass wool thermal conductivity: 0,035 W/mK

Final calculation for heat pump system installation. We need:

  • Heat pump with output power: 14kW + 6kW Optional Extra Heater for Extreme Low temperatures
  • Geothermal vertical collector according to ground structure: 2x100m
  • Water Heater: 300 liters

There were also other numbers and quite complicated parameters and calculations. I think shown numbers are enough to get an impression. I will put some calculations in PDF to this blog for download in near future.