Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parts and producers of my Heat Pump System

Few days ago I was moving around my heat pump and checking few things. I was wondering how many companies and parts are included in this heat pump system. I made a simple list of producers of most important parts of my heat pump system. You can check them also on the internet. Here it is:

Termotehnika – Slovenia (http://www.termotehnika.com/)
Grundfos –Denmark (http://www.grundfos.com/)
Lowara – Italy (http://www.lowara.com/)
Taconova– Switzerland (http://www.taconova.com/)
Kovina – Slovenia (http://www.kovina.si/)
AquaSystem – Italy (http://www.aquasystem.it/)
AlfaLaval – Sweden (http://www.alfalaval.com/)
ESBE – Sweden (http://www.esbe.se/)
Austria Email – Austria (http://www.austria-email.com/)
Danfoss – Denmark (http://www.danfoss.com/)
Totraplastika - Slovenia (http://www.totraplastika.si/)

Somebody wants to be a sponsor of this blog … be my guest :-)

By the way, my heat pump is operating during the summer only 20 minutes per day for hot water (300 liters of hot water).