Saturday, November 22, 2008

How my Heat Pump was operating in winter 2007/2008

Here I’m describing shortly how my heat pump was operating last winter 2007/2008, what were the temperatures, what were the costs and other parameters.
An average temperature in year 2007 was around 12 degrees Celsius – Slovenia, central location (this temperature is above average for our location). The winter 2007/2008 was not so cold but lower temperatures lasted quite long time. Here is the data what was happening in heating season 2007/2008:

  • We switched on heating in September 24th 2007 and was stopped in May 10th 2008. The heating season lasted 229 days.
  • Heat pump was operating 680 hours (approximately 3 hours per day on average)
  • Total costs of operating for the whole season were 230 EUR (2550 kWh) - 1 Euro per day.
  • Minimum outer temperature was -9.9 degrees Celsius. This peak requested heat pump to run 4,5 hours per day.
  • Room temperatures were from 20 – 21 degrees Celsius (night temperatures around 19)
  • Temperatures of medium from vertical collector to Heat Pump were from 7 (coldest days) to 12 degrees Celsius (at the start and end of season).
  • Temperatures of water in floor heating were adjusted from 26 up to 30 degrees Celsius (talking for returning line – water temperature coming from floor heating back to the Heat Pump).

    No maintenance was needed, no problems, just paying bills for electricity :-) I just switched on the heat pump in September and switched it off in May. If anybody has similar experience or totally different please add a comment. Thank you for reading and supporting this page.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Installing Heat Pump and Water Heater

My Heat Pump does not have all needed installation integrated (pumps, valves, expansion…) – it is not “Plug’n’Play” like someone from computer science would say. So the next step was preparing installation schema for external installations (pipes, pumps, wires, heat exchanger and water heater). Luckily I have some background on that subject so it was quite easy for me to prepare all schemas. At that time (2005) not many plumbers in our country have knowledge and skills to install heat pump … so learning again J. Nowadays many plumbers have required knowledge and skills. Here is the photo of already installed Heat Pump and Water Heater with all needed parts that enable heating and cooling. If somebody is interested in detailed installation schema please add your comment bellow with your opinion what do you think about this blog and don’t forget to add your e-mail and preferred language of the schema (currently: Slovenian, English). I will send the schema to you.
Coming next: How my heat pump is operating?