Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What is heat pump – explanation for beginners

You have probably noticed that warm air is rising behind your fridge when operating. Well your fridge is your every day heat pump cooling your food and at the same time heating your kitchen. This is the basic working principle for heat pumps – cooling down one medium (in case of fridge this is the food you have putted in) and at the same time warming up other medium (in case of fridge this is air in your kitchen). Similar to your fridge is also the operating principle of air conditioning device for cooling your home, deep freeze and other devices.
Why so much talking about heat pumps to be on of the cheapest ways to heat you home … it is because of simple calculation: for example you input in your heat pump about 80% of renewable resource, which is for free (e.g. water, air, earth), and 20% of electrical power = and you get 100% of energy for heating your home. That means that you pay only 20% of electricity to get 100% of heating power mostly because of renewable resource (see simple picture in this post). That is something to think about.

Maybe you are thinking now… is it possible to design cheap home made heat pump using old fridge or more of them… well, it is possible, but I will describe this maybe some other time.
Next … Choosing renewable resource for my Heat pump project.


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